Best Pool Cleaner and Spa Ozonator ozone treatment in the Philippines

Electromex Pool Cleaner & Spa Ozonator

Swimming pools are fun and relaxing but may require a good deal of time for cleaning and maintenance If not cleaned properly many harmful bacteria can reside in poorly maintained water. It is vital to ensure that the water quality is suitable for swimming to prevent infections and staph infections of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Chlorine and the salt chlorine generator are the most popular pool cleaner but it is also unsafe and not best pool cleaner. Pool Ozonator/ozone generator is a powerful disinfectant which can then safely purify air and water, being one of the most effective ways to replace chemical sanitizer. The spa industry also has adopted ozone treatment as a standard, as legionella is a huge problem when heated water is poorly treated. Having ozone by using spa Ozonator provides a very fresh and safe spa experience and is also very eco-friendly as far as energy consumption goes and the ability to backwash straight into your garden. Electromex Ozone Generator for sparkling clean and safe swimming pool for everyone.

We have been a customer of Electromex Inc. for many years and I could not be more pleased with their service.

If you’re considering a company for your hotel pool cleaning, Electromex is the best option they have the best pool cleaner product.

It is also comforting to me that if I have questions or concerns they are just a phone call away and respond quickly. They are very professional in every way.

Trisha Mae


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Ayala Alabang, Sofitel, Misibis Bay Resort, Porla Playa, Midas, City of Dreams, Halina Hotel, Grand Astoria, Subic International, La Corona, and many more.