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Electromex Air Cleaner for homes, cars, rooms, business establishments our Air Purifier Ionizer is effective, reliable, affordable and safe.

Recent studies indicating that the rising rates of respiratory ailments are the result of high levels of air pollution found in every home. Indoor air impurities is a serious problem. According to Environmental Protection Agency, air impurity levels are five times higher indoors. If a structure has no proper ventilation, the air inside of homes or building may be 100 times more contaminated & poisonous than the air outside! The modern and high tech way of removing odors for any place is by the use of  Air Cleaner / Air Purifier. Not to be confused with generic and cheap and fake air cleaners, Our Air Cleaner / Air Purifier use ozone O3 gasses that kill germs and bacteria, that cause odors. Thus the result reveals NO GERM, NO ODORS. Our air cleaner kills airborne viruses such as SARS, Cryptococcosis, Tuberculosis and other deadly diseases. Electromex Air ionizer also very effective for destroying and eliminating any kind of smell both organic and industrial base.
I obtained Electromex Home Air Purifier and Car Air Purifier. I am totally overwhelmed by the nature of air that is put out by this Air Cleaners. It has ceased my nasal waste and a hacking hack. The air appears to be fresher, I can differentiate; it works incredible! I never thought anything like this would be this effective…but it works. Thanks you very much” Maritess

Business Owner

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Makati Ramada, San Beda, Strumms Bar, Aegis, Rockwell, City of Dreams, Cebu Pacific, Nissan Showroom, Technological Institute Philippines, University of East and many more.